Thursday, January 18, 2007

Volume 15: Where Is Nature? Call for Submissions

Since 1992, Whole Terrain has been publishing deeply reflective works of non-fiction, fiction and poetry by writers and practitioners representing an array of disciplines. We are pleased to announce our theme for the upcoming volume; the intriguing and complex question “Where is Nature?” We welcome submissions from writers from around the world, both noted and novice, with something to say about our theme. Theme details and specific guidelines are described in the full call for submissions below.

Annie Jacobs
Whole Terrain

Call for Submissions
Volume No. 15: Where is Nature?

Within the varied landscapes of the human experience, the identity of nature can be both diverse and elusive. In the current age of websites, global markets, and space travel, our conceptions of where to find nature may be expanding. Seeking priorities and strategies in environmental work, we grapple with the question: where is nature?

Volume 15 of Whole Terrain invites contributors to explore the question of where nature resides. Is it limited to wilderness areas and native ecosystems, or is it also located in city arboretums, organic farms and community gardens? Is nature only "outdoors?" What about our minds and bodies? Can nature live, through metaphysics or psychology, in our memories of a place? Where do we find nature when we travel to new countries or regions? How is it interpreted by different cultures and spiritual traditions?

As environmental practitioners, we often find ourselves behind a desk, shut away from the ecosystems we are working to protect. Where do we find nature in our busy and isolated life styles? Where can we renew our connections with nature? Are there practices that can help us discover nature in unexpected places? For children and adults across society, do computer games, social networking sites, websites, and pod casts replace the experience of outdoor nature with a cyber-space reality? Can cyber space, movies, and television bring outdoor nature to people in urban, indoor or denuded environments?

Whole Terrain seeks provocative submissions that perceive nature in all its places and meanings. We encourage contributions from practitioners in all fields that intersect with nature, on the inner, outer, virtual and even astronomical scales. Fiction, nonfiction, and personal essays are strictly limited to 2,000 words; they should be typed and double-spaced, with pages numbered and word count noted. Poetry submissions may contain up to three pertinent poems. Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged to: Hardcopy submissions must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Submitted work will be subject to review. Whole Terrain pays upon publication in copies and a lifetime subscription.

Reading Period: January 2007 – April 2007.
Please send submissions to:

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